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Any Retailer can earn commission by providing following services at their shop using Directpe App.
SMS Payment – A service that allows you to accept card/online payments from customers without the need for a card PoS machine

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SMS Payment is a Directpe App feature that empowers the retailers and small store owners to go digital and manage modern customers who like to pay cashless. Safe and easy, this mode of payment available at all Nearby retail stores, requires only the help of a smartphone. One Stop Solution to accept Payments from customers with Digital POS Card Swipe Machine. Debit & Credit Cards, Slowly small shopkeepers or big businessmen are moving towards all POS machines in India and this is also the right option because with POS Machine you can shop anytime, anytime, anywhere and the biggest thing is That you do not even need to carry cash with you because the money is transferred directly from your bank account to the shopkeeper's account through the POS machine.